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Why Choose Indirect Domestic Water Heating?

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 20, 2018 1:37:45 PM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Indirect Water Heating, Water Quality, Water Heaters, Condensing Boilers

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Examining Direct Fired Water Heaters

Water running from a tap into a kitchen sink

It comes as no surprise that technological advances in the water heating industry have allowed manufacturers to develop highly efficient commercial boilers that provide well rounded heating comfort. Utilizing commercial boiler platforms to produce both building heat and domestic hot water has become a trend in the industry, but what does this  mean for the commercial units? 

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Direct Fired Water Heating Solutions

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 21, 2018 11:10:46 AM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Water Heaters, Direct-fired, Condensing, Instantaneous

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Hot Water in an Instant

shower head steamWhether you take long, hot showers in the morning or use large amounts of hot water at your workplace, the need for a water heating system that is consistent and reliable is crucial. Water heating technology has made amazing breakthroughs, and today manufacturers can offer water heating solutions for a variety of needs.

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Best Boiler Maintenance Practices

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 23, 2018 1:55:21 PM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Hydronic Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Non-Condensing Boilers, Boiler, Water Quality

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Why Annual Maintenance?inspection

Like changing the oil of your Ferrari F60 every 3,000 miles, all heating equipment, both boilers and water heaters, require annual maintenance. No matter the life expectancy of a heating system, ‘WEAR & TEAR’ will interfere with the performance of your heating equipment.

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The Evolution of Boiler Controls

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 21, 2018 12:10:05 PM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Boiler, Hydronic Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Non-Condensing Boilers

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Boiler Control Innovation

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The technological innovation of boiler systems has drastically enhanced how users interact with their boilers. The industry continues to improve safety and efficiency standards to fit the game changing environment. Today, users seek features that influence the return on their investment. These notable features include increased energy efficiency, great zone controls and low operational costs; all of which can be achieved by selecting the right boiler control technology.

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Breaking Down Turndown

[fa icon="calendar'] May 24, 2018 2:38:44 PM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Hydronic Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Boiler

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Operate at Peak Efficiency

Patterson-Kelley Commercial Condensing MACH Boilers

Boilers are Rated on Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency is simply the chemical energy added to the boiler divided by the energy added to the boiler water.  As more energy is transferred from the hot gas into the boiler water, the thermal efficiency increases and the temperature of the hot gas decreases.

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Water Quality - Essential for Optimal Performance

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 18, 2018 12:03:21 PM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in Water Quality, Hydronic Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Non-Condensing Boilers

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Why is Water Quality Important?


Importance of Water Treatment

 Water treatment is essential to ensure peak boiler performance and operational efficiency.  Up to 15% of thermal loss occurring within the first two years of boiler operation can be attributed to poor water quality. Untreated water inside a boiler can cause the following:  overheating, failure to produce hot water, and shortened life expectancy of the system.

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